Sold Non-MLS: We Want Your Data!

Sold Non-MLS: We Want Your Data!

Have you sold a property in our service area that was not on the MLS? We still want your data! MLS data is essential to your business, a huge help to our appraisers, and it provides a clearer picture of the overall real estate market in California and the nation.  Please be sure to include ‘Sold Non-MLS’ data to Paragon within 30 days of closing.

Here are the rules*:

1. The property must be within the MLS service area.

2. At least one brokerage on the transaction must be a Plumas MLS participant.

3. There must be at least one photo of the property. Appraisers will love you if you add more.

4. Discretionary submission of sales information must occur within 30 days after close of escrow.

Visit the Resources page on your website for all the rules, regulations, support materials, and links.

*Plumas MLS Rules and Regulations, Section 10.2, Reporting of Sales


Jeanne Dansby

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